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About Us

As a young kid I had the opportunity to grow up on a hobby farm. Animals were great but the best part of living on a farm is the freedom and the opportunity to have all kinds of motorized vehicles at your finger tips. Go-carts, minibikes and dirt bikes, ATV, Hot rods and 4x4 trucks. I got to try them all. When I turned 16 I bought a Yamaha RD350. It was a wheelie machine. I had the front tire in the air more than on the ground. And that thing was fast. I weighed all of 137 lbs and with me on that little motorcycle I could eat anything alive up to 70 MPH. At 20 years of age I bought a 72 Chevy Malibu. Nothing special, just a 350 cid motor and turbo 350 trans. I eventually added carb, intake, cam and stall converter. Soon I was in trouble with the law and didnt have a license. Thats how I got in to 4x4 trucks. This allowed me to be at WOT all the time and not be breaking any laws on the street. Perfect for me. I soon became hardcore and had 2-1/2 ton military axles with tractor tires and all the other good stuff to go along with those big axles. This truck was my pride and joy. It was "Mean Green" and I built the truck to do anything and everything. It truck pulled, drove in off road trail ride's, Mud runs, Tuff truck rally's and much more. Now I'm getting older and I am back into Hot rods and motorcycles. With age I have learned a lot from my manufacturing background. Enough to help me design some cool stuff. I hope you like what you see.