Raider Foot Control Forward Relocation Kit

I am working on relocation mounts for the Raider foot pegs. I am close to making the first unit for trial testing. I will make 1 mount on my manual mill for testing/fitting purposes. I have the material pricing and I have a RFQ (request for quote) out to Matt Smith owner/operator of "The Precision Edge Machine" machine shop. Matt has a full service machine shop and can handle most of you're machining needs. Because of me providing the mounts with no middle man the price should be very easy on your wallet. Much like the BAM kit. No middle man to force the price higher so they get there cut at your expense. You will save a lot of money going through me to get your custom parts made. The design of this mount relocation kit as currently designed will move the foot peg mount 1.200" (about 1-1/4") forward.